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New Tech & Brand Marketing - Minter Dialogue with Minter Dial
Driving Engagement And Experience At Aston Martin with Simon Sproule, CMO (MDE192)
April 24, 2016 Minter Dial

Minter Dialogue Episode #192 — This interview is with Simon Sproule, CMO at the luxury car company, Aston Martin. It’s an iconic brand. In this podcast, we discuss the impact that digital has had on the company and on its marketing. We explore the recent Formula 1 partnership with Red Bull. Simon also shares with us insights on how Aston Martin looks after and works to engage its affluent customers, as well as the legion of fans. This podcast was sponsored by Traackr, an exceptional influencer relationship management platform that I have had the pleasure to use with great effect. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on where you can also sign up for my weekly newsletter. Or you can follow me on Twitter on @mdial. And, if you liked the podcast, please take a moment of your precious time to go over to iTunes to rate the podcast.

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