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When Technology and Content Drive a Quality Music Experience, with Pete Downton @7Digital (MDE197)
May 29, 2016 Minter Dial

Minter Dialogue Episode #197 — This interview is with Pete Downton, Deputy CEO of 7Digital, a publicly traded agency that has a digital music platform, with nearly 50 million tracks powering 50 music services around the world. In this podcast, we discuss the state of the music industry, some of the most important trends in music, including the role of the DJ, as well as MQA and the technological advancements in digital music quality, what it takes for musicians to succeed today and more. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on where you can also sign up for my weekly newsletter. Or you can follow me on Twitter on @mdial. And, if you liked the podcast, please take a moment of your precious time to go over to iTunes to rate the podcast.

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