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How To Build And Scale Your Business with Daniel Priestley (MDE228)
March 26, 2017 Minter Dial
Minter Dialogue Episode #228 — Dan Priestley is Director and co-founder of DENT GLOBAL, delivering next-level business strategy and technology to entrepreneurial organisations. Dan’s a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right, having built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. He’s also an international speaker and best-selling author, with a new book about to come out. In this podcast, we talk about some of the keys to making a successful startup or business, how to become influential, the difference between entrepreneurs in different countries and continents, and much more. At the end of the podcast, he has a free offer for you listeners. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on where you can also sign up for my weekly newsletter. Or you can follow me on Twitter on
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