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How To Get Yourself and Your Team Out of The Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky (MDE248)
September 10, 2017 Minter Dial

Minter Dialogue Episode #248

Andy Molinsky, Professor of International Management and Organizational Behavior at Brandeis University's International Business School, author of two books, Global Dexterity and most recently REACH, A New strategy to help you step outside your Comfort Zone. We discuss in this podcast the challenges and solutions for getting out of one’s comfort zone. We also talk about the challenges of the intercultural comfort zones, the different cultural approaches and systems that format our zones of comfort. Are you ready to get out of yours? Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on where you can also sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter. If you liked the podcast, please take a moment of your precious time to go over to iTunes to rate the podcast. Otherwise, you can find me @mdial on Twitter.
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