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Steve Brazell, the Hitman talks about the best ways to break through the noise and build a great brand (MDE252)
October 15, 2017 Minter Dial

Minter Dialogue Episode #252

Steve Brazell is known as and running Your Hitman. He is also founder of Limelight, the world’s first patent-pending on-line brand builder, and Whetstone — the first on-line re-branding tool developed for the Department of Defense. Steve is the co-author of “Clear! The simple guide to keeping your business alive and kicking,” (pub 2011). In this conversation, we exchange on the difference between branding as a celebrity or politician versus as a company. We also look at crisis management in today’s increasingly transparent world. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on where you can also sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter. If you liked the podcast, please take a moment of your precious time to go over to iTunes to rate the podcast. Otherwise, you can find me @mdial on Twitter.
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